WE CARE There is rarely anything more beautiful than our natural environment. CPM promote health, safety and care for our environment. READ MORE CARE & PROTECT CPM credit our diligent team in providing our clients with a healthy & safe working environment, using eco-friendly products & practices. READ MORE

Slide OUR ENVIRONMENT Caring for our Environment CPM use environmentally friendly products in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act, Environmental guidelines and regulations. We are committed to protecting our environment and ensuring protection of the environment when providing our services. February 2018 CPM Management Policy READ MORE E

Because there's more to cleaning than meets the Eye!

Sustainability Keeping it Green CPM aim to be totally sustainable in making your cleaning experience as 'green' and clean as possible. CPM ensure healthy use by our staff and for our environment whilst implementing sensitive processes and procedures. Waste Management CPM endeavour to approach waste management with a minimalist view, safe equipment - use and practices, plus 'green' conscious chemical use. Crystal Clean Clean - Hygienic - fresh. Ask us about supply of air-fresheners with your contract. Totally fresh and natural.

Working towards a sustainable working environment.

ENV Intro Environmental WHS > Comply with all relevant WHS regulations
> Supply of WHS appropriate clothing & equipment
> Full WHS Training & Induction
> Promote safety and awareness in the workplace
> Supply of the right equipment & safety protection for each task
> Instruction for Environmental Protection & application methods
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